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  • 5 years in the making; A combination of detail, moxie, and movement without compromise. The most complete decoy to hit the market since we introduced the Pro-Grade Series in 2009. The all-new XD (Extraordinary Detail) series brings completely unique,


    never-before-seen, anatomically perfect poses. Insane detail in ruffled-feathers all the way down to the iris and pupil of the eye. We brought in the world’s best carvers to pump LIFE into this new series, taking a radical migration from traditional


    Featuring IllusoryMotion™- interacting color contrasts and shape positions display the ultimate illusion of movement. Every pose delivers a unique position that changes even from one side to the next. In the XD series, we didn’t build a mold and duplicate


    it—we built a systematic spread, where every decoy is a piece to the overall puzzle.

    The XD series floats a DuraFeather™ multi-material supple body, with deep feather detail, vibrantly colored with a cutting-edge paint process that provides the absolute highest detail and durability on a decoy today. Held upright by the undeniable, best-performing


    60/40 DuraKeel™—perfectly weighted with 60% of the mass in the front for a dead-on, life-like float. The all new Pro-Grade XD Series from GHG® will outperform and outlast any decoy, in any scenario, at any time.

    • Extraordinary carving detail with perfect posture and aggressive attitude
    • Custom detail & performance built for the masses
    • DuraFeather™ supple body cuts glare and gives a feathery-soft look while withstanding even the toughest use
    • IllusoryMotion™ – interacting color contrasts and shape positions display the ultimate illusion of movement
    • Vibrant paint coupled with unmatched durability
    • 60/40 DuraKeel™ for the perfect ride in any chop
    XD Series Mallards-Harvester (12-pack) Includes
    • ActiveDrake(2)
    • ResterDrake(2)
    • SwimmerDrake(2)
    • SurfaceFeederDrake(2)
    • SurfaceFeederHen(1)
    • ActiveHen(2)
    • ResterHen(1)