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Christmas Hours:

Monday December 25th - Closed

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Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:30pm

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334 Sovereign Road
London, ON Canada
N6M 1A8
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Our History

Established in 1978, Goble’s began as a one man show with Wayne purchasing stock for the coming day from the profits of the day before.

Six years later we opened a second store in Aylmer (which would later be moved to Tillsonburg) with a second focus on fishing as well as founding the pioneering "Gun of the Month" mail-order company that would eventually be spun back into Goble's proper and is the spiritual predecessor to our current mail-order operation. While our name has changed to reflect our inventory, eventually settling on the current "Firearms" moniker we have always made a point of focussing on customer service and even today Wayne can be found on the floor speaking with customers and working on deals.

Goble's continues to be a family run business with not only Wayne, but also his son and son-in-law working for the business, ensuring that Goble's continues to maintain its family roots and values while always adapting to the world in which we live.

Our Name is on the Door and We Act Like It.

When we first started, we weren't the only game in town. We weren't the largest, the cheapest or in the best location. But what we did have was a knowledge of how important the relationship with our customer was and we worked to build that. That philosophy is still alive and well today. We know you have other choices. We know that the world has become astoundingly small and that we now compete on a national if not international level. Despite this, we believe that we are the best choice; not because we're necessarily the cheapest, or largest, but for the same reason customers chose us 40 years ago: we listen and we're honest.

We will not misguide you, lie or direct you for our own ends. A customer that leaves happy, with the best product for their needs, and more importantly stays happy long after the sale is the customer that will come back, will tell her friends and will be our best promoter.  So we focus on this, while staying competitive elsewhere; It seems to be working.

We Practice Honesty

We believe that being upfront prevents misunderstandings and missed expectations later.  This is why we encourage all our employees to be upfront when discussing pricing, importing, custom work, appraisals, repairs and trade-ins.

If we don't know an answer we won't fake it, we'll tell you and find out as quickly as we can.

The Most Knowledgeable Staff in the Business

Drawing on over 100 years combined experience, our staff have a knowledge that spans all types of firearms, eras and interests.  We apply this combined knowledge in all our  trades, estates and appraisals.  We can speak on any level with our customers, helping you purchase your first firearm or debating the merits and ballistics of the newest caliber.