Annual Open House

August the 29th!


For 42 years Goble's Firearms has started your hunting season on the second last weekend in August. It was always a time for free coffee & doughnuts, reps, great deals and a bustling store. We loved it and we think you did too. But anyone who has joined us on the first day of the sale knows that with new safety restrictions and bylaws in place, this year needed to be a little different. 

For our 43rd annual Open House, we are going to spread things out and run weekly mini sales for the entire month of August starting on the 3rd. Each week will have its own flyer and its own great deals. The new flyers will cumulatively be on the same scale as our usual flyer and will be delivered to your inbox Saturday around 6 pm for the following week. Each sale runs for one week and is limited to the inventory we have. 

We are required by law to only allow a certain number of people into the store at once. Since waiting outside looking in isn't a whole lot of fun, for the first time in our history every deal in the flyer will be available to purchase right on our website starting on the Monday (9am) of that week's sale. You can choose to have it shipped or have it waiting for you at the store and bypass the line. Naturally you are also welcome to visit us in person, this is just a way to save you from waiting to enter if you choose.

For those customers that aren't local, this is likely a very welcome change and it should make it easier for everyone. One caveat: we can't ship ammunition. All ammunition purchases will need to be made using "Pick-up in-store" and collected in person at the London location.

So that's going to be the 2020 Open House. You can expect the first week's flyer this Saturday. Check-out our FAQ here to answer any questions you may have or you can contact us at [email protected] or 519-455-4277. We look forward to seeing you in person or chatting online during week one of our Open House next week!

Wayne Goble
Owner & President
Goble's Firearms