Goble’s Annual Open House FAQ

Are you able to do rain cheques?

Our Open House is full of one-only items and deals on items that have limited quantity. As such we have always given preference to people who made the trip. This year, with the flyer online, it has become even easier to order from us during the week it’s on sale. So now, as always, there are no rain cheques and no layaways on sale items and all sales are limited to what we have in stock.


Can you combine orders to save on shipping?

Yes! If you would like us to hold your purchases until you’ve had a look at the entire month, leave a note for us on your order or email us right after placing the order at [email protected] and we will hold on to your order until you tell us otherwise.


I don’t use my credit card online, will you accept a money order or E-transfer?

We use authorize.net for all of our credit card transactions. This system acts as an online terminal in which your credit card information transfers directly from our website to the bank using the same encryption as a terminal in a store. We never receive your credit card info or have access to it. This protects both of us in exactly the same way a terminal protects you in-store with the added benefit that, unlike a terminal, you know your computer has only been used by you. With this in mind, we feel that credit cards are the safest and most efficient way to sell online at this time.


Can I call in my order?

Despite our indoor customer restrictions, we fully expect our staff will still be very busy during the sale. As such we would encourage you to use our online store for your order or visit us in person. If you do phone in your order, we will make every attempt to process it but for the sake of our phone system ask that you consider using a different method if possible.


Do I need to wear a mask if I visit in person?

Yes. London recently put in place a bylaw that requires a mask be worn in all indoor areas open to the public. We ask that you please bring your own mask and respect that our staff did not make these rules but are required to enforce them as there are hefty fines on businesses that do not abide by the bylaw. You may agree or disagree but Goble’s staff are not in a position to change the law, our policies or the way of things since COVID-19. We respectfully ask you direct your ire at the virus and not our employees.


I missed a deal! Since the sale is still on, can I get the sale price?

Consider each week its own separate sale. Once that week is over, so is the sale, replaced with another one.


What kind of line-up/delay are we looking at?

We honestly can’t tell you. Our prior Open Houses, which were three days long, could be quite hectic and fill the store. We’ve done everything we can to reduce these crowds and it’s our hope that spreading the sale out will reduce things to more manageable groups. The additional option of buying online might calm things down as well. But we are required by London bylaws to control how many people are in the store and that everyone is observing proper safety etiquette and using proper PPE. We will do our best to serve anyone who has to wait outside (physically distanced of course) as quickly as possible.